THE QRS PIANOMATION IS ONE OF THE TOP AFTERMARKET PLAYER SYSTEMS. QRS has been in the player piano business for over a hundred years, and they have melded that heritage with cutting edge technology to create an excellent sounding player system with an easy to use interface. Rechel Piano Company both installs and services Pianomation® systems, and can upgrade your current older system.

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The Pianomation System uses solenoids mounted under the keys to play the notes. In the newest system, the solenoids are driven by a processor which is connected to your own WiFi network. The piano can then be controlled wirelessly by any smart phone, tablet or laptop connected to your WiFi. Using the QRS PNO app, you select the album you want to hear, press play, and the piano will play the song you’ve selected. If you’ve selected a song with accompaniment, that will play through a speaker mounted under the piano.

In virtually every case, yes. The Pianomation® unit will fit in most models of grands, some uprights and even some console pianos. The main consideration that impacts the quality of the playback, is the quality of the piano itself prior to installation.

Because of the complexity and mess involved, it is necessary to have the piano in our shops to assure a quality installation. Our fully equipped wood and metalworking shop provides the tools and materials needed to customize the player system to your particular piano. Upon request, we can provide references for skilled piano movers.

Not in the least. Because the solenoids are not connected to the keys, but merely pushes up the back of them from underneath, there is no difference in the touch or sound of the piano before or after the installation.

Many of the songs you can play on your Pianomation system have some kind of recorded accompaniment; a jazz trio or concert orchestra, or songs from artist’s actual albums: Billy Joel or Norah Jones, Chicago, the Beatles or Sinatra can perform in your living room. The accompaniment can also be sent to existing bluetooth speakers in the room, or Sonos systems.

Except for a few very old prototype models, all Pianomation systems, including the Baldwin Concertmaster, can be upgraded to the latest Pianomation wireless technology.

Along with the ability to control your piano from your smart phone, tablet, Apple Watch or Alexa, the new processor has more levels of intensity, allowing you your system to more faithfully reproduce the original artist, and to play more accurately at a lower volume. The upgrade also comes with a one year trial subscription to all of the Pianomation library of music.

Pianomation® can be obtained at QRS Music (

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