Established 1985

The Rechel Piano Company

THE TUNING AND REPAIR OF PIANOS IS AS MUCH ABOUT ART AS SCIENCE. A machine can tell you the frequency of a note, but only the ear can tell when the sound is perfect. A ruler can measure piano keys and action, but only the hand can tell when the touch is just right.

It takes many years to learn that touch. Mike Rechel rebuilt his first player piano, for fun, while still in high school. Forty-some years later, working on pianos is still fun. Some of the technology has changed - from player rolls to floppy discs to Bluetooth. However, the important things persevere: craftsmanship, honesty, and the experience that teaches when the touch of a keyboard is just right.

We offer you our experience and our passion in every tuning and repair, every player piano and modern player we work on. We guarantee your satisfaction in all we do.

Pianomation Service

Why choose us

We tune and repair pianos in Southwest Ohio, Southeastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky.
We service Disklavier, PianoDisc and QRS Pianomation, in Cincinnati, Lexington, Dayton and Columbus. For rebuilding and restoration as well as installation of PianoDisc® and Pianomation®, we serve customers from across the country who choose to ship their pianos to our shop.

One Year Warranty

All of our work is backed by a one year unconditional warranty.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

At Rechel Piano, we’ve spent over twenty years learning not only the science, but more importantly, the art of piano work.

Reed Organ

High End Customer Service

At Rechel Piano, we treat every customer with integrity and respect.

Professional Technicians

All of our work is performed by skilled craftsman.

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Do you want to repair yours?

We strive to have a service technician available to answer the phone 9 to noon, E.S.T., weekdays. At other times, they will answer if they are available, but they may be doing restorations or be in the field. At these times, please leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible.