Each Disklavier Player System is specifically designed for the Yamaha grand or vertical piano it is installed in. And every Disklavier system is installed at the Yamaha factory. Rechel Piano is authorized by Yamaha to service and upgrade these amazing instruments.

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Yes, the DKC 850 control box will upgrade any Yamaha Disklavier, from the original Grand Wagon system to the Mark III DKC 55. The DKC 850 has a CD Drive and a large internal memory that we can load all you existing floppies onto. If the DKC 850 replaces your old control box you can connect your piano to the internet and have access to an app that controls your piano with your smart phone, and access to Disklavier Radio.

It depends on the age of the player system. On newer systems using the DKC 500 or DKC 55 control boxes, the old control box is removed and replaced by the new DKC 850. On the older systems using the DKC100 control box, the old control box remains and the new one is typically attached to bottom of the old control box.

Disklavier Radio is a subscription streaming music service from Yamaha that plays your piano. You simply select the channel that you want to listen to, and your Disklavier piano will play all day. There are over 30 channels, everything from classical to jazz to pop to country to rock. And several Christmas channels during the holidays.

While Yamaha no longer manufactures it’s own Disklavier floppies, they do have a program that allows you to download the music to your computer and them transfer the music to your floppy disk using a USB floppy drive. See www.yamahamusicsoft.com for more details. And yes, you can still buy blank floppy discs.

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