DOES YOUR QRS PIANOMATION 2000CD+ CONTROL BOX CLICK WHEN YOU TURN IT ON? That may mean the power supply has failed. We are factory authorized to repair Pianomation systems, including the 2000CD+ control box.

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When you plug in the piano, you will hear a clicking from the control box. The display may also flash. This indicates the power supply has failed, and we should be able to repair your control box. Occasionally other component are damaged then the power supply fails. In that case we can discuss options for replacing or upgrading your control box.

No, the Concertmaster control box was manufactured by a third party and is not repairable. However you have the option of replacing your defective control box with a used CD2000+ control box, or with the new PNO3 upgrade.

You have two options. There are some used CD2000+ control boxes available that can replace any Pianomation control box. Or you can replace your control box with the PNO3 upgrade, which allows you to wirelessly control your piano.

If you live outside our Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Lexington service area, you can ship us your control box for repair. Just give us a call for more information.

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Do you want to repair yours?

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